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"I used the Maple app for mobileDOCTOR. It was a hassle-free experience getting my prescription. It was amazing."

"This is wonderful experience. We can see a doctor anytime and receive prescriptions which are covered. This has made my life easier."

"Used the service when my child had an ear infection. I was able to access mobileDOCTOR in 10 minutes and was able to get a prescription right away. Very good service!"

"It was very convenient and was able to consult with a doctor right away. I was able to pick up my prescription very easily."

"mobileDOCTOR has really helped my overall health. Thanks for helping internatonal students and for caring for us as a family."

" has been so helpful for me in many ways - I have used it multiple times. Thanks mobileDOCTOR for being there for me and my health."

"I recently felt unwell and needed to see a doctor. However, as a single parent without a car, going to a walk-in clinic seemed like a hassle. I instead found information about a mobile doctor on the Guard Me website and decided to give it a try. Following the steps, I was connected to a health professional who assisted me."

"The service provided by the Maple Doctor was very helpful and very convenient thank you for the service."

"Dr. was very pleasant, attentive, understanding, and helped beyond expectations. The app is practical, with an easy interface and tools."

"Best app and best Doctor. They listen to every problem and are very polite."

"The Dr was so good. The whole conversation was very smooth and helpful. Thank you for such an amazing service."

"I didn't have to wait too much, that was great! The Doctor was great. No problems at all."

"This was my first time using this app. I was worried if it was going to help but, the app and also the Doctor provided were excellent."

"C'est parfait!"

"It was great as always. The service is excellent."

"The Doctor was incredibly polite and careful. It was a pleasure to have a consultation. Practically no wait time, easy to use."

"All perfect! Nice Doctor, Fast, very easy to use, and practical! Amazing!"

"The Doctor was very helpful and compassionate."

"Médecin agréable."

"Fast, efficient, professional, and easy to use. I don't have to worry who to contact or where to go when my Doctor's clinic is unreachable. Every time I would need medical care, I could call before I rushed to the hospital."

"The platform is easy to use, the waiting time was minimal and the doctor was very professional."

"Dr. XX was very friendly, everything went smooth, thank you for the good service."

"The doctor is very professional and kind. I am glad to use this application and I don’t need to go out if it’s not necessarily."

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mobileDOCTOR provides access to doctors for emergency care, Canada wide, on your phone or computer
anytime, anywhere.

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