For our partner agents around the world, offers unprecedented access to a full portfolio of insurance products and administrative support services for schools, students, faculty and other international education stakeholders.

Before, agents were often forced to mix-and-match products of multiple insurance companies around the world to meet the needs of international education programs. Working with, agents can now develop a cost-effective and customized one-stop solution for their international education clients.

For agents developing comprehensive programs for educational institutions, can provide pre-sales collateral materials and presentation support, and post-sales administrative support.

Agents requiring occasional policies for students will also find’s team of insurance specialists invaluable in structuring the most effective programs for individuals or institutions.

Our partner agents have access to our online administrative tools, including secure access to policy summaries, information on invoices, and templates for batch uploading of new applications.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help your agency develop the best insurance product for your clients.

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