School boards, language schools, and private schools around the world turn to to protect their students, faculty members and institutional reputation because we are the leading specialists in international education insurance. has built its reputation on the belief that clients should never have to worry about their insurance plan. Insurance should eliminate stress, not cause it. And we believe even the smallest detail deserves our fullest attention.

That is one reason why insures almost 80% of accredited language schools in Canada. For more than two decades, we’ve been the people to trust for international education insurance. It’s our only focus, so we’ve made it our business to be the experts and innovators.

As a founding associate member of Languages Canada, understands how to make the insurance process smooth and simple for insured students and their educational institutions. Typical program features and benefits include:

  • Web-based Functionality: has a proprietary web-based administration system to manage enrollment, claims adjudication, and payments. We can integrate your reporting requirements into our online system—streamlining administration and reducing paperwork. With secure online access, you can print Healthcare Access Cards, verify coverage, or extend coverage and verify enrollment details.

  • Confidentiality:

    Our priority is to safeguard the confidential information of our clients, schools, and insured students. As a company certified under ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and SOC 2, we have multiple protocols in place to safeguard all information. We comply with all privacy regulations, including having employees sign a confidentiality statement when they are hired. Our website and online database are secure, and all data are encrypted and can only be accessed through security codes. We do not release any claims information to anyone other than the insured students or providers without their written consent.

  • Onsite Staff Support and Orientations:

    Throughout the year, we can provide staff training sessions at your discretion. We develop and deliver our sessions with your full involvement to ensure the sessions meet the specific needs of your staff, students, and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Flexibility in Overall Design:

    Our strength is flexibility. Whether you are interested in a specific policy plan design or simply need administrative alignment with your internal systems, this can all be tailored to your specific requirements. We design, deliver and implement all aspects of the insurance experience.

  • Claims Procedures:

    All claims are processed within a guaranteed turnaround of seven days and verified by confirming the coverage in our database prior to processing. Claims are randomly audited on a daily basis and we also have an annual claims audit.

  • Preferred Provider Network & Direct Billing: maintains a preferred provider network of over 250 clinics and direct-billing hospitals across Canada. This allows insured students to receive professional medical service and have billed directly with no upfront payment required. Insured students may still seek medical care at any facility. There are no restrictions or requirements for seeking medical care at one of the preferred providers.

We tailor our policies and procedures to suit your needs and are there in person to help your staff and students understand our products and policies. We believe insurance is more than identity cards and policy numbers. It’s a relationship and a matter of trust.

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