We’re So Much More Than Insurance.

guard.meCARES is our new approach to looking at who we are and the value and benefits we bring to our clients. It is a holistic identity which encompasses each of the unique products and services we offer under one platform.

guard.meCARES (Compassionate Awareness Response for Educators and Students) is our mental and physical wellness platform encompassing all our risk mitigation programs, tools and resources that go well beyond health insurance. What we do each day impacts the quality of life of students and their experience. cares body image

Benefits for you:

  • Reduces the administrative burden placed on schools.
  • Provides access to improved student support programs and/or facilities.
  • Early crisis intervention.
  • Fewer student inquiries and seamless student technology experience.
  • Connects students with Canadian doctors via phone or laptop anytime, anywhere.
  • Innovative programs that support mental wellness.
  • Learning opportunities and training for staff and educators.
  • Keeps students healthy, happy and learning , resulting in better retention.
  • Expert assistance during times of crisis.
AND SO MUCH MORE. cares footer
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