Health Insurance works with educational institutions and partner agents around the world to create customizable and affordable plans for full- and part-time international students, as well as visiting faculty, staff, scholars, researchers, and exchange students.
A customizable health insurance plan

A customizable health insurance plan provides for full payment, without co-insurance or deductibles, for doctor’s visits and hospitalizations for medically required urgent care, as well as for paramedical care, medicines and urgent dental care.

Participants are typically students or faculty who are out-of-country or out-of-province for less than six months, or out-of-status. In some countries, such as Canada, ensures quick and effective care for participants by offering a preferred provider network of over 250 clinics and hospitals that allow individuals to get professional medical service while is billed directly, with no upfront cost to participants.

Should a participant be unable to continue studies and require continued medical care at home, our plans provide coverage for return to his or her home country. If a catastrophic event occurs, our plans ensure parents or next of kin can be brought to the individual’s bedside.

And, if the worst should happen and a participant dies, we will return an individual’s remains to his or her place of permanent residence – sparing his or her family from struggling with the logistics of making the arrangements.

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