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Q. What is insurance?


Like wearing a helmet when you ride a bike or putting a lock on your locker, insurance is a form of risk management that you may never need but you'll be glad you have if something bad happens.

From a purely legal standpoint, insurance is simply a contract. In return for a fee (called a premium), an insurer (or insurance company) agrees to pay for expenses or losses you or your family may incur if specific events happen.

In the case of health insurance, the insurer may cover the cost of unexpected medical treatments, medicines and even travel expenses to move a patient to a treatment facility. Like any contract, it is important to read the fine print and understand specifically what is covered and what is not.

guard.me offers the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the international education field.

Q. Why do I need insurance?


Whether it's a sprained ankle or life-threatening dehydration from food poisoning, one in 10 students will suffer a "serious safety or health incident" while studying abroad, according to a 2009 study at one major North American university.

No one ever expects to be in an accident, get sick from an infection or experience a serious health hazard. That’s why insurance is important to have in place before you head off to a foreign land to study or work at an international educational institution. It’s one less thing to worry about.

You may have medical or other health coverage at home, but most plans do not include coverage outside of your home country. That’s important to know because health care can get very expensive, very quickly, when you are abroad. For example:

  • One visit to the doctor and a prescription can cost $150 dollars.
  • Visiting a hospital emergency room can result in a $700 charge.
  • Being hospitalized can cost you up to $3,200 per day.
  • Staying in a foreign hospital for 10 days can easily cost $35,000.

So, paying a little now can save you a lot of money and stress if something goes wrong later.

Q. How will buying insurance help me?


As strangers in a strange land, those studying or working abroad often need a compassionate and guiding hand when a medical or other crisis strikes. For hundreds of international educators and thousands of students, that trusted and caring protector is guard.me

When in pain, distress or even moments of crisis, you and your family may be desperate for help and guidance in returning you to safety. That’s when the full value of having a guard.me policy becomes clear.

We are available 24/7 from anywhere in the world to help. In serious cases, we take a personal and professional interest in ensuring you receive the best care possible, including reaching out to family and your educational institution to stay on top of your condition and needs.

Imagine, for example, the expense and logistics involved if you not only had to receive medical care in a foreign land, but then had to be evacuated for more treatment back home. Or, imagine the cost and mayhem involved in leaving a country because of political upheaval or a natural disaster.

In addition to our comprehensive health care coverage, guard.me now offers insured security evacuation services as a standard benefit in all of our policies. This new level of protection provides immediate support to individuals and their families in times of emergency and distress. The guard.me Security Evacuation benefit provides for 100% (up to $100,000) of emergency evacuation charges and assistance from or within your host country to the nearest place of safety.

Our plans also ensure that, should there be a catastrophic event, your parents or next of kin can be brought to your bedside. Should a plan participant be unable to continue studies and require continued medical care at home, our plans provide coverage for his or her return to the home country. If the worst should happen and a participant dies, we will return his or her remains to the place of permanent residence – sparing family from struggling with logistics of getting his or her remains home.

At guard.me, we are committed to protecting you.

Q. Who can apply for guard.me insurance?


guard.me is designed specifically to meet the needs of the international education marketplace. Eligible applicants include:

  • International Students
  • Study Abroad
  • Teachers
  • School Faculty and Staff
  • Exchange Programs and Camps
  • Co-ops, Internships and Work Projects, Work and Study
  • Trainees
  • Dependants and Immediate Family Members when the student is also insured

If you are unsure, please contact us for more details.

Q. How do I know when I am covered?


Once you apply and pay online, you have coverage. You will receive confirmation from us that your application has been processed and approved when we email you your paid invoice and ID Card.

Q. I graduated but want to stay insured, can I extend my coverage?


Yes, you can extend your coverage. Apply using the online application form.

Q. Can I apply for a family member?


Yes, you can purchase coverage for your family members as well when their coverage period is the same as yours. Apply using our online application form.

Q. Can I cancel my insurance?


While some plans may be cancelled, others may have some restrictions. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Can I travel to another country?


Yes, you can travel to another country, but you are not covered in your Home Country. See your policy for details.


Q. Where can I find my policy number?


You can log in to your account to find your policy number or check your guard.me id card.

Q. What do I do if I have an emergency or claim?


In the event of an emergency, we are ready to assist you 24-hours-a-day. Please click here for emergency Assistance numbers.

Q. How do I fill out a Claim Form?


You must submit a fully completed Claim Form in order for us to pay for your expenses. The Claim Form must clearly state why you went to the doctor. If there is no indication of why you saw the doctor, your claim cannot be processed. You must also include all original receipts or bills for your expenses. You may want to keep a photocopy for your records, but we must receive the originals. Please click here to submit your claim online.

Q. When should I submit my claim?


Please complete the Claim Form and submit as soon as possible.

Q. Do I have to call you every time before I see a doctor?


No, for minor emergencies you do not need to call. Just complete the Claim Form including your policy number and date of birth, making sure to tell us why you saw the doctor, and either submit online or send it in with the original bills or receipts.

Q. Do I need to send in my Claim Form or does the Doctor send it for me?


If you have paid for the medical services yourself then you are responsible for submitting your claim. Please click here for online claims submission.

Q. What is an original receipt or bill?


The piece of paper showing the charges for your treatment and any payments made that the doctor or hospital gives you at the time of your visit is your original.

IMPORTANT: for prescription medications (the kind that you get from the Pharmacist at the back counter in a pharmacy or drug store) we must have the receipt that has the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of the doctor who prescribed the medicine
  • The name and 'DIN number' of the drug

Q. What policy number should I use?


Please use your current policy number when submitting claims.

Q. Does the Doctor need to fill out or sign my Claim Form?


If you have paid for medical services, then the doctor does not need to sign the form. You can complete and sign the Claim Form yourself.


Q. What do I do when I need to see a doctor?


Please go to a local walk-in clinic or doctor's office. If your condition requires a visit to the emergency room at the hospital, the doctor at the clinic will tell you. For major medical emergencies, such as broken arms/legs, accidents, or when you need to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, please go to the nearest hospital. You need to call us as soon as possible to advise us of your claim. Please click here for emergency Assistance numbers.

Q. Why am I asked to pay for medical services?


Certain clinics/doctors/hospitals will ask you to pay for services you receive. Hospitals will generally ask you to pay. (Average costs for going to an Emergency Room begin at approx. $700 dollars.) If you are asked to pay, please ask for a receipt. Original receipts must be submitted with a completed Claim Form in order to receive your refund. Please make copies of all documentation submitted to us for your own personal file.

Q. Do I have to call you before I go to the hospital?


You do not need to call before going to the emergency room, but you may wish to call us so we can speak to the hospital regarding payment. If you are admitted to the hospital (staying overnight or longer), please call us.

Q. When do I have to call?


You need to call:

  • When you are being admitted to the hospital to stay
  • When you are having major tests called 'CAT scans' or 'MRI's'
  • When you are at the dentist
  • When you need to have surgery


Q. Does it take long to receive an ID Card?


If you applied online, your ID Card will automatically be sent to your email address. If you applied through your school, you will need to check with your school to receive your ID Card.

Q. How do I apply for a refund?


While some plans may be cancelled, others may have some restrictions. Please contact us for more details.

Q. I lost my ID Card, can I get a new one?


Yes. You can ask your school to request a new ID Card or you can contact us.

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