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Whether it's a sprained ankle or life-threatening injury or illness, one in 10 students will suffer a "serious safety or health incident" while studying abroad, according to a study at one major North American university.

No one ever expects to get sick or experience a serious health hazard. That’s why it is important to have insurance in place before you leave to study or work at an international educational institution. It’s one less thing to worry about.

You may have medical or other health coverage at home, but most plans do not include coverage outside of your home country. That’s important to know because healthcare can get very expensive, very quickly, when you are abroad. For example:

  • One visit to the doctor and a prescription can cost $150.
  • Visiting a hospital emergency department can cost more than $1,000.
  • Being hospitalized can cost you up to $3,200 per day.
  • Staying in a hospital for 10 days can cost $35,000 or more. So, paying a little now can save you a lot of money and stress if something goes wrong later.

guard.me is designed specifically to meet the needs of the international education sector. Eligible applicants include:

  • International students
  • Study abroad
  • Teachers
  • School faculty and staff
  • Exchange programs and camps
  • co-ops, internships and work projects, general work and study
  • Trainees
  • Dependants and immediate family members when the student is also insured

If you purchased a guard.me policy online, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to log in to your guard.me ‘My Account’ to access your policy details and download your Healthcare Access Card.

If your institution or agent has arranged guard.me insurance on your behalf, you may need to contact them for details about your policy and how/when you will receive your Healthcare Access Card and policy documents.

If you applied online, you will receive an automatic email after you complete the online application. The email will include information on how to log in to your guard.me ‘My Account’ to access your policy details and download your Healthcare Access Card.

If you applied through your institution, you may need to check with your school or look for email confirmation on your school email account. This will include information on how to log in to your guard.me ‘My Account’ to access your policy details and download your Healthcare Access Card.

Yes, you can apply for your dependants. Certain restrictions apply. Please refer to the policy wording for eligibility requirements.

While some plans may be cancelled, others may have some restrictions. Please refer to the policy wording for more details. If you purchased your policy online, please contact admin@guard.me to enquire about your eligibility.

Please contact your school and/or agent if your policy was arranged through your agent or institution.

Like wearing a helmet when you ride a bike or putting a lock on your locker, insurance is a form of risk management that you may never need but you'll be glad you have if something bad happens.

In the case of health insurance, the insurer covers the cost of eligible unexpected medical treatments, x - rays, and medicines.Like any contract, it is important to read your guard.me policy and understand specifically what is covered and what is not.

guard.me specializes in meeting the needs of the international education sector. If you are under the age of 65 and departing from Canada as a student, faculty member, teacher, chaperone, or participant in an educational, business, or cultural exchange, guard.me Global Travel Insurance is for you. We even offer travel coverage for your spouse, parents, and children who are over the age of 15 days and under 19 years.

Did you purchase a guard.me policy online? If so, you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to log in to your guard.me My Account to access your policy details and download your Healthcare Access Card.

Did your institution arrange guard.me insurance on your behalf? If so, you should contact them directly for details about your policy and receiving your Healthcare Access Card and policy documents.

Does your plan include CAP membership (Crisis Response Program)? If so, you’ll receive a separate email from FocusPoint International with your account login. Details about your CAP membership will be available in your guard.me My Account.

Your coverage dates are available in your guard.me My Account and included on your Healthcare Access Card.

Absolutely! Coverage is effective everywhere in the world* except your home country. If you apply for insurance online, make sure to select the country where you will stay the longest.


*There is no coverage in countries or regions that are rated Avoid All Travel by the Government of Canada at the time of departure. Refer to your policy wording for details.


You can speak to a doctor in minutes from the comfort of your home by going to mobileDOCTOR by guard.me. You may also go to a local pharmacy, walk-in clinic or doctor's office. If your condition requires a visit to the emergency department at the hospital, the doctor at the clinic will tell you. For major medical emergencies, such as broken arms/legs, accidents, or when you need to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, please go to your nearest hospital. You need to call us as soon as possible to advise us of your claim. Please click here for emergency assistance numbers or refer to the back of your Healthcare Access Card.

Certain clinics/doctors/hospitals will ask you to pay for the services you receive. Hospitals will generally ask you to pay. The average cost for going to an emergency department starts at approx. $1,000. If you are asked to pay, you can either pay for the services or ask the hospital to mail you the invoice. You can then submit a claim, including the invoice and/or payment receipts to guard.me to get reimbursed for eligible expenses. Please make copies of all documentation submitted to us for your own personal file.

Please refer to “How do I submit a claim” for more information.

You do not need to call before going to the emergency department, but you may wish to call us so we can speak to the hospital regarding payment. If you are admitted to the hospital (staying overnight or longer), please call us.

You need to call when you are:

  • Being admitted to the hospital as an inpatient
  • Having major tests such as CAT scans or MRIs
  • At the dentist for a dental injury
  • In need of surgery


Yes. We offer coverage for spouses, parents, and children between the ages of 15 and 19.

If the option to add a dependent is not available on your institution’s guard.me  website, contact them directly to inquire about dependent coverage.


To obtain copies of your Healthcare Access Card, policy wording or policy summary, you can log in to ‘My Account’ by going to your school’s customized website or www.guard.me.


Extending Coverage

If you purchased a guard.me policy online, you can renew your policy through the same website. We recommend that you complete your purchase before your current policy expires, to avoid a gap in coverage that could affect your benefits.

If your institution has arranged guard.me insurance on your behalf, contact them directly for details about extensions.

Cancellations & Date Changes

If your institution arranged your policy, contact them directly to request a cancellation.

If you purchased your policy directly through a guard.me  website, you may only cancel your policy within 10 days of purchase. If you have not yet departed on your covered trip and there are no claims in process, you will receive a full refund. To cancel within the 10-day Right to Examine period, contact us at admin@guard.me.

If you purchased your policy through a guard.me website and your trip hasn’t yet started, contact us at admin@guard.me. Include your policy number and the new dates of your trip.

If your policy was arranged through your institution, contact them directly.


The summary below is a high-level overview. For a complete list of benefits, exclusions and important information, login to your guard.me My Account and download your policy summary and policy wording.




Global Plan A

Global Plan B


Hospital & medical



Emergency dental



Medical evacuation / return home



Baggage / personal effects



Lost or stolen passport or visa document



Bedside visit


 1 round trip flight
+ $500 for hotel

Third party liability




Trip cancellation & Trip interruption




Trip delay





You can log in to your guard.me ‘My Account’ to find your policy number. It’s also printed on your guard.me Healthcare Access Card.

  • Online: You must log in to your guard.me ‘My Account’ by going to your school’s customized website or www.guard.me to submit your online claim. Please make sure you have copies of your receipts and/or invoices ready.
  • By mail: You must submit a fully completed Claim Form in order for us to process your claim. The Claim Form must clearly state why you went to the doctor. If there is no indication of why you saw the doctor, your claim cannot be processed. You must also include all original receipts or bills for your expenses. You may want to keep a photocopy for your records.

You may visit a local doctor’s office or clinic, or contact mobileDOCTOR. If you have life-threatening symptoms, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency department.

You can easily submit your claim online through guard.me  My Account. However, if you prefer to print your claim, make sure to mail the originals of all medical records and receipts, together with the signed claim form, to the address shown on the form (we recommend keeping a copy of all documentation for your own records):


guard.me Claims

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada

P.O. Box 557, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3K9

If you have paid for medical services, the doctor does not need to sign the form. You can complete and sign the Claim Form yourself. The doctor only needs to sign the Claim Form when they are billing guard.me directly.

This is the piece of paper showing the charges for your treatment and any payments made that the doctor or hospital gives you at the time of your visit.

IMPORTANT: For prescription medications (the kind that you get from the pharmacist at the back counter in a pharmacy or drugstore), you must submit the official prescription receipt that has the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of the doctor who prescribed the medicine
  • The name of the medication and DIN (Drug Identification Number)

If you have paid for the medical services yourself, you are responsible for submitting your claim. Please refer to “How do I submit a claim”.

No, for minor emergencies you do not need to call. You just need to submit your claim to us. Please see “How do I submit a claim”.

Submit your claim as soon as possible or within 30 days of the first medical expense.

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada

Direct dial (collect): 1-905-667-2540

Toll-free (Canada & USA): 1-877-640-9877

Email: guardmeclaims@oldrepublicgroup.com

Medical Emergencies

Call the Canassistance 24-hour emergency hotline. Remember to provide your name, your policy number, your location and the nature of the emergency. You will be referred to the most appropriate service provider for your situation. Tell them you have a guard.me policy issued by Old Republic Insurance.

  • Direct dial (collect) 1-905-667-0587
  • Canada & USA 1-800-334-7787

Security Emergencies

Your CAP membership (Crises Response Program) entitles you to on-demand 24/7 access to international travel security specialists who can provide expert advice and, if necessary, coordinate in-country emergency response and assistance services, including security evacuation.

In any emergency, the CAP Advantage app provides remote alarm capabilities designed to secure your safety. Simply open the CAP Advantage app by FocusPoint International and press the Assist button. You can also contact the CAP 24-hour hotline at 1-619-717-8549 or send a text to 1-954-727-1916.

Your CAP membership (Crises Response Program) covers numerous events and situations, including:

  • Political instability
  • Natural hazards and disasters
  • Terrorism and disappearance of persons
  • New pandemics
  • Extortion, violent crime, hijacking, and kidnapping
  • Wrongful detention

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