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Mental Wellness Student Support Program

keep.meSAFE’s innovative Student Support Program (SSP) helps students by promoting early intervention and 24/7 access to mental health support. We help students manage their mental health so they can fully participate in academic life and complete their studies. keep.meSAFE is the first support program to use linguistically and culturally matched licensed clinicians, providing your students a welcoming place where they are comfortable to seek help.

Program Features
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Full integration with on-campus resources
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Master’s level counsellors experienced in supporting domestic and international students
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Access to a counsellor who understands their culture in their preferred language
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Immediate and fully confidential support 24/7, through chat and telephone, as well as ongoing support
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Free TELUS Student Support App with direct access to counsellors and self directed multilingual resources
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Outcomes based success measures to report on results
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Did you know?
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50% of students have felt overwhelming anxiety, making it hard to succeed academically
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31% of post-secondary students have felt so depressed that it was difficult to function
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Want more information?
Contact our keep.meSAFE sales team,
If this is an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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