Assistance While Abroad

coverage iconAssistance While Abroad provides travellers with two important types of assistance:

  • Emergency medical services and day-to-day travel assistance with Global360
  • Crisis Response service for security and non-medical events via the Crisis Response Membership Program provided by FocusPoint International

With Global360 coverage, travellers have access to the following services and assistance*:

  • Emergency medical and travel insurance
  • 24/7 assistance finding clinics, doctors, or hospitals
  • Medical evacuation / return home, or repatriation
  • Lost or delayed baggage
  • Document assistance
  • Translation services
  • Security situation alerts, updates and recommendations

* See policy wording for full details of coverage.

For emergency medical and travel assistance, dial the phone numbers on the Global Emergency Health Care Access Card.

For emergency security assistance, access support using the CAPAdvantage app.

coverage iconFAQ

What's the difference between the Global Emergency Healthcare Access Card and the CAP™ membership card supplied by FocusPoint International?

The Global Emergency Healthcare Access Card and policy number are proof of emergency health insurance while travelling. The CAP™ membership card provides proof of a fully insured security evacuation benefit. These cards are provided separately.

The Emergency Healthcare Access Card provides travellers with toll-free (in North America) and international call-collect phone numbers to contact in the event of a medical emergency. Travellers should contact us if admitted to a hospital for treatment so that we can coordinate billing and manage claims in an efficient and effective way. The Emergency Healthcare Access Card includes a claim form that should be used when submitting a claim by mail.

In the case of a security-related emergency, the CAP™ membership card provides two numbers for contacting the Crisis Response Center by phone or text. Travellers should download the CAP™ Advantage app to communicate in real time, 24/7, with access to an instant assist button.

What happens if they have a medical emergency or need travel assistance?

Travellers can contact us using the phone numbers on the Global Emergency Healthcare Access Card. Alternatively, they can visit a local doctor’s office, seek treatment at a walk-in clinic for minor medical issues, or use mobileDOCTOR to seek medical advice.

In the case of hospitalization, travellers must contact us as soon as possible after they have been admitted.

A key feature of Global coverage is our 24/7 travel assistance support. This service provides worldwide multilingual assistance for medical and dental referrals, advance payment to hospitals, assistance with prescriptions and monitoring treatments, and can help transfer insurance and medical information. In addition, our travel assistance service can help with the replacement of lost / damaged medical devices and eyeglasses, and organize emergency hotel accommodations.

In the event of hospitalization, our travel assistance service can coordinate the dispatch of a physician or specialist, and facilitate the transfer of essential vaccines or blood.

Can they get help finding a doctor, dentist, clinic, or hospital?

Yes. Travellers can contact the 24/7 assistance line and provide their policy information and location. Our team can assist them with finding a doctor, dentist, clinic, or hospital.

Will they have to pay out-of-pocket expenses when they visit a doctor, dentist, or clinic?

They should be prepared to pay upfront for the cost of the visit to a doctor, dentist, or local clinic, and should keep all receipts and documentation issued by medical providers. They will need to submit these documents to us as part of the claim reimbursement process.

If a traveller is admitted to the hospital for a serious emergency or condition, they should contact immediately so that we can arrange for direct billing and payment to the hospital.

What is mobileDOCTOR, and how can it help them?

mobileDOCTOR by allows travellers to connect with Canadian doctors via our telemedicine service. Outside Canada, they can access mobileDOCTOR in real time and receive medical advice.

If they need to visit a hospital, what should they do?

If travellers have a serious accident and need to visit a hospital, they should contact the emergency assistance line to inform us that they have been admitted. The contact number is on the Global Emergency Healthcare Access Card.

If they are unable to contact us, someone should do so on their behalf. When hospitalized, we need to communicate with the hospital directly to arrange for direct payment of eligible claims.

Is COVID-19 covered by this insurance?

With a valid Global policy, travellers will be covered for all medically necessary treatment of a new and emergent condition, including COVID-19. To be eligible, they must be fully vaccinated at the time of their departure.

For more information, visit our COVID-19 pageOpens a new window.

If they are affected by a security threat or natural disaster while outside Canada, who can they call for help?

With CAP™ membership, they will have on-demand access to a dedicated 24/7 Crisis Response Center and in-country response services for safety and security issues. We recommend that travellers download the CAP™ Advantage appOpens a new window. before the start of their trip and carry their CAP™ membership card with them at all times.

How do they download the CAP™ Advantage app?

Their CAP™ membership login credentials are sent to the email address associated with their account. They can log in to the CAP™ membership portal here: a new window.