Opt Out

As a new international student studying at Capilano University, you will be automatically enrolled in the guard.me More Enhanced health insurance plan. This plan is mandatory for all international students who are studying in Canada.

Please ensure you opt-out by May 17, 2024 if one of the following options applies to you:

  1. You have valid BC MSP Coverage
    If you already have valid BC MSP coverage, you may opt-out of the guard.me insurance plan. For the opt-out to be accepted, you must successfully complete the opt-out form, including the alternate insurance declaration, and identify your start date and end date under the other plan at the time you apply to opt out. Your BC MSP coverage must be for the entire coverage period or your opt-out will be declined.

    Eligible Plans:
    • BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP)
  1. You are studying outside of Canada for the Summer 2024 semester
    If you will not be in Canada for the Summer 2024 semester, you may opt out by successfully completing the Out of Canada Declaration and Waiver. If your application to opt-out is received prior to the deadline and is submitted successfully, you will not be charged for guard.me medical insurance. Please note, if you decide to come to Canada after choosing this option, you will be required to purchase late arrival coverage. This will become available for purchase after the end of add/drop period.

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