Emergency Assistance Number

1-888-756-8428 (North America)

Late Arrivals

Students who started their program overseas and have now decided to come to Canada. Upon arrival, you will need to apply for Medical Services Plan (MSP) as it is mandatory in the province of British Columbia (BC) for international students to have medical insurance. Since the BC MSP plan does not begin until 3 months after applying/being in the province, you will require temporary insurance coverage for those first 3 months.

All new international students will be automatically enrolled guard.me temporary health insurance and the charge will be added to your student account. If you have successfully opted out using Opt Out Option 2 (I am studying outside of Canada) for the Fall 2023 semester, but now have decided to travel to Canada mid-semester, you are required to purchase insurance from guard.me under Late Arrivals once you arrive in Canada.

Important note: If you arrive before the semester starts, you may purchase additional insurance under Early Arrivals.

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