Emergency Assistance Number

1-888-756-8428 (North America)

New Students

Most international students attending NU in Toronto are not eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan or the University Health Insurance Program (UHIP). If you are an international student at NU and you cannot provide proof of suitable comprehensive health-insurance, you are required to purchase guard.me extended health insurance coverage. You must have health insurance while you are an international student in Canada, and you must take care to ensure that your coverage is continuous and that there are no gaps between policies. Gaps between policies may affect your coverage and can lead to declined claims. As a new student, you will purchase insurance from the first date of the month of your program start date, until August 31st. Upon expiry at the end of August 2024, you will be required to purchase the “Extensions” coverage to ensure continuous coverage until your program end date. Your coverage will include prescription medication for new and emergent conditions and prescribed contraception.

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