Healthcare Access Card

guard.meCARES has a true focus on improving the student experience.’s decision to partner with MDM Insurance Services has significantly streamlined the prescription medication and dental reimbursement process for international students.

With the introduction of our Healthcare Access Card, depending on their plan, students may now use this card at both pharmacies and dental offices and be informed of claim eligibility directly at the drug store counter or dental office.

How It Works

The Healthcare Access Card functions as a prescription drug and emergency dental card for eligible expenses

For Prescription Care


The student provides their Healthcare Access Card with their signed prescription at a pharmacy of their choice.


The pharmacy will check if the prescription medication is covered.


Medications are immediately processed at the counter by the pharmacy. Eligible prescriptions means no payment required. The student doesn’t have to pay - it’s that easy!

For Emergency Dental Care


The student provides their Healthcare Access Card to their dental office


The dental office will check if the emergency dental procedure is covered by the student's insurance plan


Eligible dental procedures will be processed by the dental office. The student doesn’t have to pay - it’s that easy!



The pharmacy and dental office handle the logistics on behalf of the student and school



Peace of mind when claims are approved immediately



Quick access to emergency dental care and eligible prescription medication

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