Having Problems Viewing the Site?

While the greatest attempt is made to make this site compatible with the most browsers out there on the web, the simple reality is that as new technologies develop and operating systems (like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS) are updated along with their respective browsers, we cannot guarantee that your browser will be able to view this site.

Symptoms you may experience:

  • Excessively slow loading speeds.
  • Strange appearance of web pages including squished pictures, missing form fields, incomplete pages.
  • Erratic behavior of site, browser, or your computer.
  • Unable to open/view PDF files.

Minimum Recommended Requirements for viewing this site:

  • Mozilla Firefox Quantum Version 66 or later
  • Google Chrome Version 73 or later
  • Microsoft Edge Version 44 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9.0 or later
  • Adobe Reader X or later for viewing PDF files

How to fix problems: Try Downloading the latest browser or the Adobe Reader.

If you feel you have the latest updates and still have trouble with our site, we'd like to hear from you. Please include a snap shot of the page as well as information about your browser. This will help us replicate the problem you are having. Send an email to: techcare@guard.me