Why do you need study abroad health insurance?

Study abroad health insurance covers you for emergency medical care if you become sick or injured while abroad.

guard.me International Insurance is amongst the world's largest providers in international education insurance protecting individuals studying, working and travelling abroad. We are the provider of choice for schools, work and travel and internship programs worldwide.

Our comprehensive cover offers:

  • Emergency treatment for urgent medical care
  • Ambulance service for urgent medical care
  • Any emergency in-hospital costs you incur
  • Coverage for emergency dental
  • Prescription medicines up to a maximum 30 day supply
  • Doctor / physician fees
  • Tests and X-rays for diagnosis ( CT and MRI scans need to be approved prior to being carried out )
  • Emergency evacuation

What isn't covered?

  • Treatment to existing or ongoing medical conditions
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery

Coverage varies depending on your destination.
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