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Why should I purchase guard.me’s Top-up coverage?

International students studying in the province of British Columbia must apply for government health insurance called the Medical Services Plan (MSP). BC MSP covers hospitalization and physician visits, however, it does not cover many commonly used medical services such ambulance, most dental procedures or most prescription medication. It is therefore recommended to purchase a top-up plan.
The guard.me Plus top-up plan that NU has selected for its students provides benefits that have been designed with the unique needs of international students in mind.
NU strongly recommends that its students in BC purchase the additional coverage once they have received their MSP coverage. You must apply before your guard.me policy expires. Dependents are also eligible to purchase a guard.me Plus policy if the primary policy holder has active coverage. The cost of the guard.me Plus top-up plan is $36.60 CAD per month with a minimum purchase of six-months ($219.60 CAD). Students can continue to purchase a guard.me Plus top-up policy so long as they are enrolled at NU.
Please refer to the policy wording for a detailed description of the benefits in this policy and the exclusions, limitations, and maximums that may apply.

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