Opt Out

As a new international student studying at JIBC, you will be automatically enrolled in the guard.me health insurance plan in your first semester. This plan is mandatory for all international students who are studying in Canada and is a condition of studying at JIBC.




If you already have valid BC MSP coverage, you may opt out of the guard.me health insurance plan.

You will be asked to declare that you are enrolled with BC MSP and to identify the start date and end date of your coverage. The deadline to demonstrate valid BC MSP coverage and complete this opt-out process is September 30, 2022. No opt-out requests will be processed beyond this date.

Your application to opt-out will be declined if the period of coverage of your BC MSP ends before the end of your first semester at JIBC.

If payment has been made and your application to opt-out is approved and there have been no claims against the policy, you will receive a credit to your student account.




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