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Q.Am I covered? What is the effective date of my coverage?


Registered full-time students will be automatically enrolled in the Extended Health Plan effective September 1st, or January 1st, depending on which semester you begin your studies. If you withdraw from your classes and are no longer a student at Canadore College, you are no longer eligible to participate in the Extended Health Plan and your coverage will be cancelled. This is effective immediately upon the date of your withdrawal.

Q.What are my Plan Options?


All full-time students who have paid the Health Plan Fee are automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan. To choose a plan other than the Balanced Plan (you can select either the Enhanced Drug Plan or Enhanced EH plan) please click on “choose a plan”. 

Once you have made a decision and are ready to chose the option that best suits your needs, follow the simple steps on the website to register in the option you have selected. If you do not choose a different option, you will remain enrolled in the Balanced Plan.

The window to choose a different plan is only open from September 1st to September 30th for September-start students and from, January 1st to January 31st for January-start students.

Should you choose the Enhanced Drug Plan or Enhanced EH Plan option this will remain your student Extended Health Plan for the duration of the policy year.

Q.What is the termination date of my coverage?


In accordance with the outline described above, all benefits will terminate August 31st.

Opt Outs

Q.What if I am already covered?


You may opt-out (decline coverage) from the Extended Health Plan by September 30th for September-start students, and January 31st for January-start students. Please click on the opt-out page and complete the online opt-out form.

You will be asked to provide a declaration that indicates that you are covered by a different provider (i.e. as a dependent under your parent’s or spouse’s insurance) and that you understand that, once you opt-out, you will no longer be eligible for the benefits in the Extended Health Plan. When you opt-out you will be asked the provide the name of the other provider.

Please note that you will not be able to opt-out at any other point during the school year (i.e. if you are a September-start student you will not be able to opt-out from the plan during the January window).


Q.Can I enroll my dependents?


All students may obtain coverage for their spouse and children by enrolling them in the Extended Health Plan prior to September 30th for the fall semester, and January 31st for the winter semester. You will be asked to pay the appropriate fee at that time. You may also apply for dependent coverage directly online by going to the “Add a Dependent” prior to the deadline dates noted above.

If you have chosen the Enhanced Drug Plan or the Enhanced EH Plan options, your family will be enrolled in the same option and will be eligible for the same benefits that you have chosen. There will be no option to purchase coverage for dependents after the deadline.

For definition of the dependent please refer to the policy wording.


Q.How can I add a beneficiary?


You can add a beneficiary by logging into your guard.me account, clicking on "add a beneficiary" and then completing the simple steps outlined on the electronic form.

Q.What is a co-insurance payment?


The coinsurance factor is the percentage of an eligible expense that is covered by the policy holder and the percentage of the eligible expense that will be reimbursed by the plan. For example, under the Balanced Plan, the prescription drug coinsurance factor is 80%, therefore you would be responsible for 20% of the cost of the eligible prescription drug. This is called the co-pay. For example, if your prescription costs $50, your co-pay will be $10. It is important to know that your plan does outline the maximum benefits allowable in any given year. These details are available in your policy wording.