Add a Dependent

Students may obtain coverage for their spouse and children by enrolling them prior to September 30 for the fall semester, and January 31 for the winter semester, by paying the appropriate fee.

If you have chosen the Enhanced Drug Plan or Enhanced Extended Health Plan benefits, your family will also be enrolled in the same benefit plan that you have chosen. It is not possible to purchase coverage for dependents after the September/January deadlines, unless your family status changes during the policy year (i.e. you get married, have a child or adopt a child). In this case, to add a dependent after the deadline, please email

  • Single parents can enroll their child and/or children in the plan for a flat fee of $125 per year.
  • As a policy holder, you may also enrol your spouse for a cost of $150 per year. Once your spouse is enrolled, there is no additional charge for adding children as dependents.

This option will be available as of Sep 23, 2020.